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A short game made for the rainbow jam 2016 event. The game was made with a team of 2 artists, 1 sound producer and 1 designer/producer (who also substituted as the programmer).

This was our first real project using the unreal engine and was used to test out our capabilities to try and learn the game engine and create a game in the short period of 2 weeks. That along with the distance between all the team members made for an interesting and educational experience !

The game itself is a short experiment with using a 2D platform to deliver some story elements through small text messages. The use of audio and the art style help bring the atmosphere while the messages were questions relating to both the player and the character you play as named as Blank.

Further idea's were experimented for game-play mechanics (with the character being able to take on the identity of other Blanks and gaining abilities with that identity) These unfortunately did not make it into the final build although the mechanic was almost complete

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and I hope you enjoy the game !
Any and all feedback is welcome !


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